Friday, March 30, 2012

Food Truck Friday: Will and Pops

It's was a fantastic, sunny Friday and you know what that means-it's time for another yummy Food Truck Friday!  This time, it's another post from Katie over at Southern Part of Heaven.  If you haven't checked out her blog lately, you definitely should because it's awesome and there's been a big announcement, and this Stir Crazy Mom couldn't be happier for Katie!   

So, with that, we will continue our food truck education with this week's truck-Will and Pops: Enjoy!

Did you read the story on MSN by Food and Wine about the best grilled cheese in the US?   Will and Pops wasn’t included.  I'm no food critic, and certainly not a chef, but it must be that the writers had not had the opportunity to try our fabulous local food truck, right?     I had the opportunity to try Will and Pops while they were at Goldenbelt just before Christmas, and I only wish I had tried them earlier.  Two key things you need to know about me before reading on:  1)  I love avocado.  I mean, I would eat it smashed on a cracker, plain.  2)  Nutella had never crossed my lips prior to my Will and Pops Experience. 
So, I had heard so much about Will and Pops, and I read that they were at Goldenbelt at lunchtime.  With a sleeping toddler in the car close to lunchtime, I thought if I was going to be in car for, potentially, hours, I might as well head over to Goldenbelt and try a really great grilled cheese.  When I saw the big green truck and heard the music, I knew we were in the right place.
H woke up as we pulled in, so we headed over to place our order.  One Hippy Grilled Cheese (includes avocado—yum!) and one Smorewich (grilled nutella and marshmallow fluff sandwich—wow!).  The Hippy was delicious and both of us loved it!  By far the best grilled cheese I have ever had, though I’m keeping that a secret from my Mom.   And the Smorewich….well, let’s just say that now I know why people love Nutella so much!  And really, I wasn’t so sure about Nutella and fluff on bread—grilled.  It was an incredible sweet treat (H has christened it a cookie, and I’m not telling him otherwise).  Amazing.
I also love that they use fresh, local ingredients, including Pork exclusively from Farmhand Foods and all North Carolina cheeses, as well as butter from Cornucopia and cookies from Local Cookie in Carrboro. 
Not so sure about Food Trucks? Check out our reader post on the big deal about food trucks for the scoop.  Then find Will and Pop’s and taste the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had.  Now to find those Food and Wine writers…..
Here is what you need to know:
Will and Pop's

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nutso mama said...

Good call on Will and Pops, Katie! On a rare date night, Tre' and I ended up at Fullsteam Brewery and shared the Gangsta (pulled prok and grilled cheese)...HOLY COW, so good! And the guys that run the truck are so nice.

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