Thursday, July 19, 2012

Three-fer Thursday: Chapel Hill Community Park+Evos+Trader Joe's

Just found out that the Chapel Hill Community Park is temporarily closed for resurfacing (thanks GoAskMom and MominChapelHill), but don't worry it will reopen very soon!  I've got great timing, huh? :)  Until Chapel Hill Community Park reopens, just head to Cedar Falls Park.  It's also pretty close by.)

For this Three-fer we're headed back over to Chapel Hill.  It would be great for a day when you have a little grocery shopping to get done but also want the kiddos to have a little fun.  To start the day head over to Chapel Hill Community Park which has got to be one of my favorite parks in the area.  There's just so much to do.  They have swings, two great play structures, picnic tables, hills for running around, trail access for biking, and a beautiful rose garden for looking and sniffing.  It seems like my boys never get bored when we head over there.  The park is easy to find, located just off of Estes Dr. across the street from University Mall.  There's a nice big parking lot so you won't have any trouble finding parking either.

When you are finished playing and start to get a little hungry, just head out of the parking lot.  A left on Estes, right on Franklin, and right onto Ephesus Church Rd. into the Shops at Eastgate will take you to Evos which is only about a mile away.  Evos is a little restaurant located almost next to Trader Joe's in this shopping center and it's a great place to take kiddos for a bite to eat.  The advertise their restaurant as doing "feel good fast food" and they have all the same foods that my children love cooked in a healthy manner including hot dogs, chicken strips, and "airbaked" fries.  You can read about all of their healthy choices on their website. (

Once you have had a delicious healthy lunch you can get on with your errands.  I know that so many of our readers love to shop at Trader Joe's...who doesn't?  So, after your kids are sufficiently worn out and well-fed, you can stop  next door at Trader Joe's and grab your groceries.  Don't forget to check out their delicious frozen meal options, great produce section, and my favorite their wonderful selection of snacks!  You can hit this stop last so you don't have to worry about keeping any refrigerated items in a hot car and then head home with everyone happy!

When to go: I thought this Three-fer would be great for a morning.  You could head to the park early before it gets hot.  Then, head over to Evos for an early lunch.  Finally, pick up your groceries and head home in time for nap time.  However, this would work in the afternoon too once the days get cool enough and the play structures aren't so hot from the sun.

What it'll cost you:  The playground is free.  The restaurant will cost you $5-10 per person, and Trader Joe's will cost you whatever you would like to spend on yummy groceries.

What to bring: Bring your diaper bag, snacks for the playground, a stroller or riding toys for the kiddos if you would like to take advantage of the trails at the playground, money for the restaurant, and bags for all of those groceries.

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