Thursday, February 14, 2013

Geer Street Garden

It's been a long time since we've done a post about moms' night out, a place that moms and dads can go when they actually get some time for themselves.  So, we finally got out last week, and here goes...

What it is:  On our rare moms' night out last week, we headed downtown to Geer Street Garden.  It's a new restaurant located just up Foster St. from the farmer's market across the street from Central Park School for Children.  We parked across the street which was legal at that point in the night, and headed in.

The indoor space was small, but we got a seat easily on the weekday night we stopped by.  While this indoor space was small, they have a large outdoor space with heated lamps that we could have sat in.  This area would be a beautiful spot to sit in the summer. 

Geer St. had a bunch of fun Durham cocktails, but we just went for the sangria which was equally delicious.  We headed there for a meal, but you could just as easily head over for just drinks and snacks.  They are getting pretty well known for the ultimate snack food dish that they serve called "the pile".  The pile is a "pile" of fries topped with jalapenos, fried chicken, cheese, bacon, and the list goes on.  It comes with ketchup, gravy, and cheese sauce, and you can pick two more sauces to go with it.  We chose sweet chili sauce and curry mayo, both of which were fabulous.  We followed that delicious appetizer with a great meal and dessert, but it was that "pile" of goodness that really stuck in my mind.

It was a great girls' night, and we love that there are so many fantastic places for a night out in downtown Durham!

What we liked: We loved the fun atmosphere and can't wait to head back to check out their outdoor seating.  Oh, and the "pile" and the sangria were absolutely fabulous.  The hours are also suitably late so that it's easy to head out after the kiddos are in bed. 

What we would change:  The actual indoor area was small, so if you had your heart set on sitting inside, you might not be able to, but that's ok because they have the large heated outdoor section. 

Website and other important information:


Address: 644 Foster St, Durham

Hours: Mon -Thur 11:30am - Midnight, Fri & Sat 11:30am - 2am, Sunday Brunch 11am - 1:30pm, Sunday 1:30 - 10pm



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