Monday, February 11, 2013

Play it Again Sports

What it is:  This week, I was looking for a little tennis ball carrier and some tennis balls so I could go out and hit some tennis balls with my son.  I wasn't expecting to find a place to post about.  However, after stopping in Play it Again Sports off of 15-501 near I-40, I just had to mention it.

My sons are still pretty young, but already I am finding myself constantly heading out to a store to find sports equipment for their latest adventure from tennis rackets to soccer cleats to swim goggles.  The costs all add up.  I never know if the kids will have any long term interest in a given sport, but I certainly don't want to stifle their interest about whatever they want to try.  So, what's a mom to do?

Well, I walked in to Play it Again Sports and saw wall to wall sporting equipment.  I asked if they had a tennis ball hopper and balls.  They indeed did have one used hopper, and I was able to pick balls out of a bag that was gently used from one of the local country clubs.  All of these items were slightly used, but at a much better price than I would have found new at another sporting goods store. 

So, now, I'm looking forward to using this store again in the future.  If my kids change their mind and decide that tennis isn't their sport, I can give the equipment to Play it Again Sports and they'll give me 30-50% of what they will sell it for on the spot.  They are also a great place to trade in and buy your jogging strollers and bike carriers. (I wish I had known that at Christmastime when I bought a new bike trailer for our family!) 

While used items are great for many sports items, sometimes you just need something new.  Well, they also can fix you up with new items if you want.  Over half of the items in the store are new.  So, there's a little bit of everything you need.

As I left the store, my mind was reeling with all of the items I could trade in or look for in the store in the future.  I can't believe I've lived here for this long and never taken advantage of this place in the past.  I will definitely be back in the future.

What we liked:  I loved the fact that you could buy used sports equipment for kids or adults at much more reasonable prices.  In addition, I really like that this is a place I can turn in my used equipment for cash on the spot.

What we would change: There's not much I would change, except many the amount of items they carry.  Since they can only take what their patrons bring in, they might not have the used item that you're looking for at exactly the moment you want it.  However, when I went in to the store, they looked like they had quite a selection.

Website and other important information:


Address: 5318 New Hope Commons Dr., Durham

Hours: Monday-Friday: 10am-9pm, Saturday: 9am-9pm, Sunday: 11am-7pm

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