Sunday, February 17, 2013

Swim Lessons at Triangle Aquatic Center

What it is: My boys love swimming, so we like to give them the chance to take some swim lessons and get in the water even when its cold outside.  We have done lessons at lots of different places.  However, we were stumped when it came time to find some swim lessons this year.  Most of the places we looked in to did not have any lessons for my 2.5 year old.  They had the parent/child lessons for babies and then they had preschool lessons for those that were over 3.  That left my son out of luck.

However, when we checked out Triangle Aquatic Center, we discovered that not only did they offer several levels of preschool classes for my older child, but also a parent/child B class for my younger son.  We were sold.  We had been there before for open swimming and already knew that they had a great facility including a great little training pool for lessons.

We have been to half of the lessons in our 8 lessons sequence that goes twice a week for a month, and we are definitely pleased.  The little training pool where we have the lessons is incredibly warm.  My youngest son is always really cold and he doesn't even have a problem.  The teachers are absolutely fabulous.  I feel like the quality of instruction is better than we have gotten at any of the other lessons.  My preschooler especially is thriving and loving it.

The next session starts up at the beginning of March and I wish our schedules allowed us to sign up again!

What we liked:  We love the temperature of the facility and the teachers.  The room is warm and the instruction is great!  There are also a wide variety of classes to suit any kid's ability level.

What we would change: It is located right next to Cary Town Center Mall, so it is about a 25 minute drive for us.  Plus, they occasionally have swim meets on the nights that we're there.  While it doesn't impact our lessons it does mean that we have to park a little further away.  Oh, and the showers in the locker room do not get warm enough, but that's ok because we realized it's easier to just head home to clean up.

Website and other important information:


Address: 275 Convention Drive, Cary

Schedule: Check website for class and free swim schedules.


(A view of the facilities and lessons)

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