Friday, February 8, 2013

Krispy Kreme

What it is: So, we love donuts in our family!  We really love the hot, fresh donuts from Krispy Kreme.  We enjoy them so much that our family ran last year in the Krispy Kreme Challenge (which coincidentally is happening this weekend) where we ran 5 miles just to get a dozen donuts. 

Anyway, with this love for hot, fresh donuts from Krispy Kreme, we were delighted when we happened to be on Franklin St. in Chapel Hill this week while my oldest son was on a field trip to the planetarium.  There is a Krispy Kreme located on Franklin St, and we headed on over to check it out while we waited for him to get out of the show.  We had to park in the lot at the corner of Columbia and Rosemary St. behind Franklin St.  Then we headed thru the alley next to the parking lot and were only a few stores down.

When I went in I was really just expecting to get a delicious donut, eat it, and head out.  I wasn't expecting this to be such a kid-friendly stop.  It was basically empty on this weekday morning we headed over.  It was a nice new space filled with comfy couches and low tables where we could eat our treat.  They had a counter filled with delicious looking donuts.  While we could get a variety of donuts or coffee, we decided on the cup of donut holes, quite a bargain at $1.79. 

While we were ringing up our order, we noticed that they had a special offer where you could buy a dozen donuts between now and Valentine's Day and receive a sheet of a dozen Valentine's each with the offer of a free donut for its recipient.  That would be a great Valentine treat to get!  We sat down on the couches and enjoyed our donuts.  Then, after a trip for our little potty training toddler to the restroom, we noticed the window where you could watch the donuts were being made.  There weren't any being made at the time, but the gentleman in the back actually turned it on so we could watch the donuts being run through the sugar glaze.  My son and his friends were entranced. 

What we liked:  This was one of the most kid-friendly restaurants I've been in recently.  Not only did they turn on the machine for us, they offered us complimentary donut holes as we watched the machine!  Every one there was so nice and they all went out of their way to make the experience fun for our kids. 

What we would change: I guess the only thing we would change is that it's located on Franklin St.  That means we have to pay to park and walk a bit to get to the store, but it was definitely worth it and we'll be back.  It's always so nice when you can be so pleasantly surprised by a visit!

Website and other important information:


Address: 157 E. Franklin St, Chapel Hill, 27514

Hours: Thursday-Saturday 7am-Midnight, Sunday-Wednesday 7am-10pm, HOT LIGHT HOURS- 7-11 AM | 6-10 PM Sun-Wed 7-11AM| 6 6PM-Midnight Thurs-Sat


 (A view of the space)


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