Thursday, February 28, 2013

Three-fer Thursday: Defy Gravity+Gigi's Cupcakes+RDU Airport Observation Park

It has been a while since we did a Three-fer Thursday, so we decided to tell you about a great morning of fun that we enjoyed a few Fridays ago. 

Your morning will start off early.  You'll want to arrive at Defy Gravity off of Page Rd. at 9am.  (You can buy your tickets in advance online so you're ready to go when you get there.)  From 9-10am they have a special jump time for kids under 6.  This means that you can go jump for your hour session without being jumped on by bigger kids.  Plus, at that time, parents are free, so it just costs $8 per kid.  We always have a ball every time we go, and we're worn out after our hour there.

After your hour of jump time at Defy Gravity it will be 10am and your munchkins will be hungry.  So, I added in a little excursion for a sweet treat at Gigi's Cupcakes which is just 5 miles down the road in Brier Creek.  You can stop in and eat your sweet treat there, or you can take it to go and eat it at the airport after a picnic lunch.  Both ways are delicious.  I don't know if I could save the cupcake long enough to make it to the airport.

Once you have picked up or devoured your sweet treat, head just 3 miles over to the RDU airport observation park.  This is always one of our favorite stops because what kid could resist watching airplanes?  So, don't trust google maps when being directed from Gigi's Cupcakes to the observation park.  (They take you the long way.)  Use the directions below.  Once there you can watch the planes from the raised platform or just play on the pretend runways or sandbox.  We always like to finish a stop at the airport observation park with a picnic lunch at the tables provided. 

What a great morning!

(Directions from Gigi's to the airport observation park-Head south on Brier Creek Parkway.  You'll probably have to turn right out of the shopping center and make a U-Turn on Brier Creek Parkway.  Turn left on Lumley Rd.  Then make a right on Commerce Blvd.  Continue on as the road turns into International Dr.  Turn left at Business Street, and then right into the observation park parking lot.)

When to go:  The little kids jump time at Defy Gravity is from 9-10, and Gigi's Cupcakes opens at 10.  You can head to the airport whenever and for as long as you want.

What it'll cost you: As we said, Defy Gravity is $8 per child and free for adults at that time.  Don't forget to purchase your tickets in advance just to make sure it doesn't sell out, and ask them for their stamp card.  If you come a certain number of times you can get a visit for free.  A cupcake at Gigi's is $3, and the airport park is free.

What to bring: Bring clothes that are comfortable for jumping because everyone will want to join in on the fun, and a drink after your jumping is nice.  Just bring your wallet for your trip to Gigi's, and sand toys and a picnic lunch are always fun to have at the airport.

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