Thursday, September 19, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Top Five Parks in Durham

This post was originally posted back in July 2010.  We asked you, our fabulous readers, what your favorite overall parks/playgrounds in Durham were and these were the answers.  This is a pretty awesome list of parks, but have your favorites changed in the past 3 years?  Are there any great Durham parks that you would add to the list?  Oh, and while you're in a voting mood, don't forget to look at the sidebar of the blog and vote in our latest poll for the best fenced park in the area if you haven't already!  

For the past few months we've had a section on the side of the blog for our readers to vote on their favorite Durham park.  After a few months, there were clear trends.  While we probably couldn't rank order them, there were a clear top 5 and a clear number one.  So, we are going to create a list of top 5's in Durham, and the playgrounds will be our first entry.

Check out what you picked as your top 5 playgrounds in Durham!

1. Your favorite park in Durham: Rockwood Park

2. Duke Park

3. Oval Drive Park

4. Forest Hills Park

5. Piney Wood Park

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