Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Parkwood Parade

Here's another post that you can take and file away for next year.  Happy holidays and enjoy!

What it is:  My kids love a good parade.  The Raleigh Christmas parade was while we were out of town over Thanksgiving, and we were also busy during the Chapel Hill parade.  Apparently there used to be a Durham parade downtown, but not anymore.  Where were we to go?  Never fear, Durham does have a's the Parkwood Parade.

We headed on over to Parkwood, parked our car on Clermont and walked over to its intersection with Revere to watch the parade.  There were plenty of people in chairs and standing on either side of the road to watch the parade.  However, there were still plenty of places to park on Clermont.  We arrived at 2pm on Sunday the 15th which was when the parade was supposed to start.  We ended up waiting about an hour before the parade actually started which led to some very twitchy kiddos.  Apparently there was a late bus driver or some difficulty with parking for the parade participants which led to the delay.

Once the parade did start we had a great time.  Make sure to bring your kiddos a bag if you go because lots of the participants are throwing candy.  Every high school in Durham brought their band to the parade.  There were also lots of fancy cars and motorcycles, police cars and fire trucks, swim teams, jump rope troops, Wool E. Bull, and even the big guy himself, Santa on the final fire truck.

What we liked:  We love how this parade really showcased lots of fun Durham groups!  Plus, it's only about a mile from our neighborhood in S. Durham, which is a perk for us.  The amount of candy thrown made it a big hit for our boys.  Plus, street parking was very easy.

What we would change: The biggest negative was the delay in parade starting time.  While I don't think it usually starts that late, apparently it has been a little late in years past.

Website and other important information:


Address: the Parkwood neighborhood

Date: December 15th at 2pm in 2013


(people waiting to see the parade)

(the parade begins)

(cool cars)

(a boyscout troop)

(a crane)


(...and more bands!)

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