Saturday, December 28, 2013

2014 Year in Review

Happy New Year everyone!  Welcome to our 4th annual Year in Review!  Thanks to all of our wonderful readers that continue to make this whole endeavor worthwhile, and thanks to Durham for being such a fabulous place to explore with our kiddos!  Your comments and emails with support, ideas, thanks, and suggestions really mean so much to me.

So, here's a little bit about this year, by the numbers. We have actually had 9 different Stir Crazy Mom bloggers contribute to the site including my poor husband who finally got roped in to writing a post (thanks honey).  I am so grateful to all our new and continuing writers, and I'm always happy to have more!  We have a new blogger ready to join us in January, so stay tuned for another great Durham perspective.  Thanks to all of our 2013 contributors-Katy, Ian, Kat, Celia, Kara, Anna, Tabitha, Cleo, and Abby!

 In the four years we've been writing the blog, we've had about 750 posts.  This year, we had 147.  Our top five posts this year in page views were Mattie B's Public House, Free Friday-Summer Outdoor Music, My Durham Summer Bucket List, and our top post of all this year was our post about the opening of the fabulous Stay & Play Snack Cafe.

In other news, our blog has had several giveaways this year and continued with the weekly features of Throwback Thursdays, Top Fives, Free Fridays, and Three-fer Thursdays.  We also continue to add businesses to our Local Moms (and Dads) Business Directory.  As always, please let me know if you have any ideas for weekly features, want to offer a giveaway or place an ad, or be listed in our Local Moms Business Directory.  We love to help our readers in any way we can!!

As I get ready to ring in the New Year with my happy family-thanks again, keep reading, and I'm looking forward to exploring Durham with all of you in 2014!

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