Thursday, December 19, 2013

Miel Bon Bons

What it is: We were so sad to hear that Local Yogurt closed its location near the intersection of 15-501 and University just next door to Bull City Craft.  We were wondering where we would go after we stopped by Bull City Craft when we wanted a sweet treat.  Well, fortunately for us, our problem is solved.  Just across the street from Bull City Craft is the newly opened Miel Bon Bons where you can go to pick up all manner to delicious sweet confections.

I first heard of Miel Bon Bons when they were located in Carr Mill Mall in Carrboro.  My husband came home from a work party saying that he had just had the best cake ever, and it had been ordered from Miel Bon Bons.  So, we were really excited when they opened in Durham.  I stopped by with my boys before we headed over to the Bull City Craft ornament party, which I will tell you all about a little later.  We needed a little sweet treat to tide us over.

We parked right out in front and headed in.  Immediately, we saw all kinds of beautiful chocolates and truffles waiting for us.  They were beautifully colored and shaped.  My boys immediately saw a couple of solid chocolate cell phones and were sold.  It took me a little longer to choose the flavor of truffle that I wanted to sample.  I landed on the ginger and it was delicious.  I can't wait to go back to try some more of their chocolates, French macaroons, cookies, tarts, cakes, candy apples, or other sweet treats.  The people were nice and took a lot of care in what they did which produced a very high quality dessert.

What we liked:  The chocolate was beautiful and high quality.  Plus, it's great to have a new sweet treat stop in that location so you can combine it with a trip to other nearby kid stops like Bull City Craft, Rockwood, or Forest Hills Park.

What we would change:  As soon as word about the deliciousness of this stop gets out, parking might be tricky because their are only a few spots.  Plus, you don't want to park in the lot across the street because you will get towed.  (Oh, and on a personal note, my fabulous dentist (Dr. Ray) is also located in that building and now, I will feel incredibly guilty when I go to the dentist and immediately head down to get some sweet treats afterward!)

Website and other important information: 


Address: 2514 University Dr, Durham

Hours: Monday-Saturday: 10am-7pm, Sunday: by appointment only


(Can you believe it, I arrived at Miel Bon Bons without either of my cameras or my phone!  However, I promise when I go back, I will get a bunch of pictures of their delicious chocolates which are definitely photo-worthy!)

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