Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Defy Gravity: The New Ninja Course

What it is:  I'm sure most of you have heard about Defy Gravity, the local trampoline park.  If not, here's Cleo's previous post about it (  My boys and I frequently head over there during the somewhat calmer 6 and under jumping time from 9-10 in the morning.  It's a great place to get the wiggles out, especially on those days when you can't get outside.

Well, on our day off of school this week, we decided to head on over.  We always love this place, and we had heard that they had a new ninja course.  Now, my sons love all things ninja, climbing, and obstacle course related.  They both swear that they are going to be the first American Ninja Warrior.  So, they were very excited to check it out.

When we got there, my boys immediately ran over to the ninja course which had taken over the spot previously held by the basketball goal.  It was a pretty awesome ninja course.  There were four different paths that could be taken over the foam pit.  One had tire swings, one had ropes, one just had cargo nets, and one had bags filled with foam that could be grabbed on to.  Behind these courses there was a slack line, some monkey bars, a rock wall, and some other walls to climb on.  They also had a dedicated staff member stationed at the beginning of the courses to make sure that only one child was in each area at all times.  I think that part was important.  

My oldest son spent the whole time on the obstacle course, and my youngest had fun alternating between the course and the rest of Defy Gravity.  I think it's a great addition that makes the experience that much more interesting.

What we liked:  My boys have a lot of fun there and it definitely gets a lot of energy out.  Going at the early time for the younger kids makes it a bit safer.  The new ninja course is definitely a reason to go back and check it out again.

What we would change:  I can't do a post about Defy Gravity without acknowledging that it can be a dangerous place.  I have received many comments on the blog about injuries that have occurred there and have witnessed some myself.  I still go with my family, but definitely keep an eye on your kiddos and remember that trampolines and ninja courses definitely have their own inherent risks.

Website and other important information:


Address: 4300 Emperor Blvd. #250, Durham, 27703


(New ninja course)


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Abby said...

there is a similar trampoline place opening in the Northgate Mall in December

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