Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Top Five Restaurants (with areas for kids to play)

In our most recent poll, we have asked our readers about your favorite area restaurant, but not just any restaurant.  We asked you what your favorite restaurant was where your kids could play.  There was a clear winner and several other great options for eating options with a little something for the kids.  Check out how everyone voted.

1. Your favorite restaurant with a kids' area was Chick-Fil-A, capturing 36% of the vote.  At Chick-Fil-A they do so much to make families with kids feel welcome.  At the location off of Renaissance Parkway near Southpoint Mall they have a kids' night where your kids can eat free and do a craft, a play area where kids can climb and play, the mom valet kids service where they will set up your table when you drive through, and customer service that always takes care of families with kids.

2. Second place with 18% of your vote was Nantucket Grill.  Their location at Sutton Station off of Fayetteville Road is a great place to take your kids because of their outdoor seating.  You can sit outside and enjoy your meal, and when your kids get fidgety they can play in the large grassy area or near the fountain.  On certain summer nights everyone can also listen to live music!

3. Pops Backdoor South and Blue Corn Cafe tied for third place with 10% of the vote each.  Both of these places pair delicious food and a casual atmosphere with a separate play place for the kids.  You can sit at your table and enjoy your food while your kids head over to the play areas to get their wiggles out.  As an added bonus, you can see the play area from your table!

5. The newest restaurant in our top five is Bull City Burger and Brewery placing fifth with eight percent of the vote.  Bull City has great burgers as well as a great beer and wine selection for the adults.  You can enjoy all of these benefits and your kids can go back to the play area to draw or play while you relax.

Thanks to all of these Durham establishments for making it easier to enjoy a night out with our kids.  For our readers, thank you for voting and keep checking out the blog to vote on our next poll coming soon.

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