Thursday, August 25, 2011

Orchard Park

Another beautiful day in Durham-Another beautiful park in Durham!

What it is:  This time we headed to Orchard Park which is located near Forest Hills and Lyon Park in Durham.  You could easily combine a trip to this park with a trip to one of the other nearby stops.  This park did not have much equipment, but it had other features that recommended it as a fun stop for you and the kiddos.  The playground only had a slide, swings, and a sandbox, but my kids enjoyed all of these features while we were there.  The playground was surrounded by a large grassy field where the kids could run and play.  They also had a large picnic shelter next to a beautiful community garden.  One of the most unique features was the foundation/remains of an old greenhouse.  When we saw it, we thought it looked like a maze, and the kids had a ball running around it and trying to hide from each other.

What we liked:  We loved the old greenhouse.  It's so nice when you can find a unique feature at a playground that the kids really enjoy.  In addition, the proximity to the other playgrounds in the area makes for a fun outing.

What we would change: The playground equipment was minimal, so kids might lose interest in that park of the playground pretty quickly.

Website and other information:


Address: 1000 SOUTH DUKE STREET 27701


 1. the picnic shelter with the garden behind it

 2. The maze-like greenhouse remains

 3. More greenhouse

4. The little play area

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Crystal said...

My kids love this park too.

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