Sunday, December 23, 2012

The End of Another Year...

So, another year at Stir Crazy Moms has been winding down, and I wanted to make sure to send one more note to all of our readers before the holidays take over and we take some time off before the new year.  It has been a great year.  For 173 posts later we have had a great time letting all of you know about all of the great things to do with kids in town.  We have had Stir Crazy Moms bloggers move and new guest bloggers come to graciously contribute their own ideas.  I continue to be so grateful for all of our readers who suggest all these great activities.  Just when I think I have found everything there is to do in Durham, you guys send me another great idea to check out.  So, please keep all your suggestions coming, and I can't wait to see where we go next year. 

This year we have had giveaways, added to our local moms business directory, polled our lovely readers to get their opinions, created our very own Stir Crazy Moms gear, made a list of preschool open houses, and continued to post on everything interesting we can find from delicious new donut places to our most popular post of the year by far-Defy Gravity trampoline park. (Thanks, Cleo!)  I've tried to keep up with the index and map so you guys can find everything, and I promise I will keep trying next year (HA!)  We keep up a list of upcoming events and sales in the area, so keep sending all of the great events you know about our way.

When I started Stir Crazy Moms a few years ago with a bunch of other fabulous ladies from our kiddos playgroup, I never thought we would still be going strong now and that we would have as many people that actually enjoy reading our little blog and finding it informative.  So, as long as we keep having fun on our adventures and helping people along the way, I'll keep writing. 

Oh, and I have a great idea for a new fun project next year to bring all of our readers together for a good stay tuned!

Happy holidays, happy New Year, and thanks for making this blog experience such a great one!

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