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Consignment Store Round-Up

Before Christmas, one of our readers e-mailed us and asked if we could do a summary of all of the area consignment sales and stores, their benefits and drawbacks, etc.  Well, over the course of our blog, we have been to quite a few consignment stores and sales.  We know our list is not all inclusive, but it's a pretty good start.  Please let us know if you have any consignment sale information to share and we'll add it to the post.

Consignment Stores:

*Kid to Kid: Kid to Kid opened up in December in S. Durham near Southpoint.  They are a chain consignment store where you can pick up baby/kid/maternity clothes and gear.  Their selection of clothes is great and toys is growing.  You can make an appointment to drop off clothes and other items.  They will go over it with you and give you money on the spot based on a list of prices provided by the company.  You can either take the money that they give you in cash or get 20% more to take store credit.
-What we liked: Their selection on clothes is pretty good. There are plenty of items in each age group and style.  Plus, their prices are very reasonable.  The consignment process was easy because we could just drop off items and get money on the spot instead of having to wait until the items sell.
-What we would change: Currently, their toy selection was small and primarily for younger children, but that might change as they are open for longer.  In addition, at the current moment you have to wait several days between the time you call and the time you can get in for an appointment to consign your items.  I've also received comments from readers that their customer service needs a little work, but I haven't seen that first hand.

*Kangaroo Pouch Kangaroo Pouch is a consignment store located up on North Durham.  They sell baby/kid/maternity clothes as well as toys and gear.  Sellers can bring in items with an appointment and will get 40% of the items that sell.  Consignors get paid on the 15th of every month.
-What we liked: We liked how it was not very crowded and you could shop in peace.   It's also a great location for those of you up on North Durham.
-What we would change: Since it was a smaller store, there wasn't as much of a selection as at some other stores and sales.  However, what they did have was great!

*Once Upon A Child Once Upon a Child is a consignment store located off of Harrison Ave. in Cary.  They sell gently used baby and kid clothes, toys, and gear.  You can drop off items to sell and head back later to pick up your money and any unwanted items.
-What we liked: We liked their selection and buying process without an appointment.  In addition, they had a kiddie area that looked very escape proof.
-What we would change: It is a bit far away since it's located in Cary.

*The Red Hen: The Red Hen is a resale store located in University Mall in Chapel Hill.  They sell baby/kid/maternity clothes and gear for reasonable prices.  You can make an appointment to bring in items, and they will give you money for the items at that point.
-What we liked: When we shopped there, we thought they had good selection and good prices.  Plus, the quality of the items was nice.  In addition, I like consignment policies where you get to take home money immediately.
-What we would change: It is in Chapel Hill, so it's a bit further away for us Durhamites.  Just as a caveat, their website recommends making sure items are on hangers and in very good condition when you drop them off, so there might be a little bit of work to get them ready to consign.

*Baby Bear Boutique: Bear Boutique is a small consignment store located in an old house on University Ave. in Durham.  One of our bloggers frequented Baby Bear as a year round stop for inexpensive baby and kid gear as well as maternity clothes. We are currently not aware of their consignment policy.
-What we liked: The location is convenient and the owner is friendly.  They occasionally offer sales which further increases your discounts.  In addition, items are continually coming in so there are always new things to find.
-What we would change: The store is small and difficult to maneuver with a stroller.  The store's organization is eclectic so some sizes can be difficult to find at times.

Consignment Sales:

*Kids Everywear: Kids Everywear is a semi-annual consignment sale that takes place in the outlet mall in Morrisville near the airport.  It is huge, taking over somewhere around 9 of the empty stores in that mall.  They have a HUGE selection of toys, clothing and any other baby and kid gear you can think of.  You can consign clothing and items by printing and tagging your items at home and then bringing them in.  By volunteering or consigning you can shop early to get the best selection.
-What we liked: The selection at Kids Everywear is tremendous.  I typically go and buy most of the play wardrobe that my kiddos need each season as well as fairly inexpensive toys.  Shopping early can get you a huge selection while shopping later can get you items at even more discounted prices.
-What we would change: While you can get money, it is a lot of work to get items, especially clothing, ready to consign, and as with most consignment, you don't get money unless your items sell.

*Kidcycle: Kidcycle is a semi-annual consignment sale that takes place in University Mall in Chapel Hill.  They have a large selection of toys, clothes, and baby gear at great prices.  You can consign any items by tagging items and preparing them at home (following the procedures on their website).
-What we liked: There is a great selection of toys and clothes at really great prices.  I've been able to pick out some great inexpensive toys for my kiddos there.
-What we would change: As we said earlier, preparing for consignment sales can be a lot of work.  Plus, we found the checkout line was long, but that could have just been the time we came in.

*Chapel Hill-Durham Mothers of Multiples Sale: This is a semi-annual sale that takes place on one day in the gym of Yates Baptist Church.  They have a great selection of baby/kid gear, toys, and clothes.
-What we liked: We liked how this sale took place all on one day so we didn't have to keep track of all of the dates.
-What we would change: Parking at the church can be a bit tricky, but there is a big school lot nearby that you can use.

Consignment Sales vs. Consignment Stores: In all of our Triangle-area consignment experiences, we've found there are a lot of good options it all depends on what you want.  Consignment stores are available all year round and you don't have to drop off everything you have all at once.  You can head in and usually find inexpensive items that you need.  However, consignment sales offer a much greater selection.  You can drop off a whole bunch of items at once, but it tends to be more work to put everything together.  What do you think?  What are your favorite and least favorite resale options in the triangle?  Please let us know what you think and we'll add your input to our information.

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