Thursday, November 7, 2013

Top Five Fenced Playgrounds

While it's getting a little chillier out there, the kids still need to get out and get some fresh air.  Sometimes it's pretty tiring to chase them all over a playground and make sure they're not running out into a parking lot or road.  So, here's a list of our favorite area parks that actually have fences.  That way, while you still have to make sure they don't fall off the play structures or swings, at least you don't have to worry about them running away.  Based on the most recent reader poll, here are your favorite area fenced playgrounds-enjoy!

1. Hope Valley Baptist Church Playground-With 25% of your vote, Hope Valley Baptist Church Playground at Garrett Rd. and Hwy. 751 was your favorite fenced playground.  This playground is open to the public every day, all day, except Sunday mornings.  They have two distinct fenced playgrounds, each with swings and a play structure.  One is geared toward bigger kids, one for younger kiddos, so there's something for everyone.

2. Trinity Park-With 17% of the vote Trinity Park located near Duke's East Campus is your second favorite park in the area. This park also has two parts.  Only the part for the little ones is fenced, but it's a great little spot where the little ones can play while you can sit for a few minutes at a picnic table. 

3. Oakwood Park-Chapel Hill-Tied for second place with 17% of the vote is Oakwood Park in Chapel Hill.  This park is located just off Hwy. 54 in Chapel Hill near the intersection with 15-501.  It's a great park with new play equipment including two play structures and a modern see saw.

4. Burch Avenue Park-Your choice for 4th place with 15% of the vote is Burch Avenue Park.  This great fenced park near Duke also has new equipment.  There's also a fun stage in the back of the park for all your little aspiring actors and dancers.

5. St. Stephens Church Playground-Your 5th place fenced park with 11% of the vote is St. Stephens Church Playground.  This one is also located off of Hwy. 751 near Hope Valley.  This is the largest of the fenced options, shaded with large trees.  There are two play structures, two sets of swings, and lots of picnic benches for relaxing. 

Hope you can find a few minutes of relaxation at one of these great fenced parks!

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