Thursday, March 22, 2012

Three-fer Thursday: Forest Hills Park+Bull City Craft+Nanataco

Welcome to another Three-fer Thursday!  For this one we went back to one of our favorite corners of Durham. In fact, one of our other Three-fers took place in basically this same corner of town, but there's so much to there that we had to bring everyone back.  We will start this Three-fer at one of our favorite parks, Forest Hills.  It's located in Durham off of University Dr. just north of its intersection with 15-501.  You can head over there and play on their play structure, swings, in the field under the trees, or on the bridge.  Or, if it's summer, you can play in the water feature which is always one of our favorite hot weather activities.

After you've had your fill of hot and tiring play, our next stop is less than a mile south on University at Bull City Craft.  We would time this so that you arrive at Bull City Craft at 11am on Monday-Thursday for their preschool playcraft.  During this time preschool aged kids can engage in lots of creative crafts, plus there are plenty of materials for other aged siblings.  If you can't make it at that time, don't worry because they have drop-in crafts that you can create at any time.  These crafts include birdhouses, beaded jewelry, fabric tote bags, and more.

After you've gotten out all that energy and creativity you and your kiddos might be a bit hungry.  So, at this point,  you don't even have to move your car, just head across the street to Nanataco.  They have delicious food and a kid-friendly environment.  My kids loved the quesadilla, but there are also tacos on the kids menu.  The guacamole is some of the best I've ever had.

Variations: As we've said  before, this is one of our favorite parts of town because there's just so much to do. Instead of Forest Hills, you could go to one of our favorites-Rockwood Park which is actually just off University Dr. as well.  If you're not feeling Nanataco, you could head next door to Q-Shack for your kid-friendly lunch instead.  Then, if you still have any energy after this Three-fer, you can add a fourth activity and head back across the street next door to Bull City Craft to Local Yogurt for a delicious dessert after your meal. Yum!  So many options!

When to go: Like we said, we'd start this Three-fer in the morning so you can make the 11am playcraft at Bull City Craft.  That means you could head to the park about 9 or 9:30 to get plenty of playing in before the craft.  Plus, with summer rapidly approaching, getting to the park early while it's still cool is always a plus.  However, if you'd rather do this Three-fer in the afternoon you could.  Maybe stop by Bull City Craft first for a drop-in craft, then to an early dinner at Nanataco, then finish the evening off with some play before it gets dark at Forest Hills.

What it'll cost you: The park is free.  The playcraft time is $5 for the first child and $4 for each additional child.  Drop-in craft prices are listed on their website.  At Nanataco entrees cost between $5 and $10 with lots of opportunity for several dollar add-ons.  Kids meals are $4.  Don't forget about their milkshakes and margaritas for around $3-6, a little treat for everyone.

What to bring: For the park, you can bring a swimsuit, a change of clothes, and a towel if you'd like to take advantage of their water feature (open in the summer).  For Bull City Craft and Nanataco, just bring your creativity and appetite.  Enjoy!

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