Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Top Five Shady Parks

So, now that the chill of the season is finally here, but even with the fall season, it's still nice to know where you can go where your kiddos can play in the shade.  We've had our poll up where you, our wonderful readers, could pick your favorite shady parks in the area.  Now, it's finally time to report the results.  Head out to these great parks now, and definitely remember to check them out in the summer when you're in desperate need of a break from the heat!

1) Your absolute favorite pick for a shady park is also your pick for favorite overall park in Durham and favorite park for riding bikes with the kids.  So, it's safe to assume that Rockwood Park is a great place to take the kids.  Whether your kids like to ride bikes, swing, play on large or small play structures, or run in the field this park has something for you.

2) Second place was another one of our favorite parks located in S. Durham.  Pineywood Park is great fun with it's unique play structures, nearby forest complete with tree branch teepees and dry creek beds, and a nearby dog park to watch.  It's hidden in the trees so there's lots of great shade on hot summer days.

3) There was actually a three way tie for third place on the poll, so everyone also thought these three parks were great stops when you needed a little shade.  St. Stephens playground is a great shady, fenced playground with plenty of room to run in under the trees, Burch Avenue Park is another great fenced park up near Duke, and Wilson Park in Carrboro has a huge play structure and shade from trees that moves from one play structure to another as the day progresses.  All of these parks are great options if you would like to spend a little time out of the sun.

(St. Stephens)

(Burch Avenue)

(Wilson Park)

Thanks to all of our great readers for voting, and please head over to the blog because I'm just about to post the counterpoint to this post, the perfect one for these cold winter months-your favorite parks in the area where you can bask in the sun!  Make sure we've included all of your favorite sunny parks and then head to the blog and vote!

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